“North and South” – An Aesthetic and Exploratory Vision in the Eyes of Egypt’s Artists
February 2015

This mosaic project is the result of an art residency Coordinated by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina funded by the European Union under the name of “North and South”. Through a creative journey from Luxor in the South all the way to Alexandria in the North, each artist used a different medium to document Egypt’s rich cultural background. Throughout the journey, I collected different material from every place we visited, each representing a specific part of the trip, to finally compose a mosaic art project using these materials. Each one of these materials was photographed and represented in a documentary art archiving manner, with every piece carefully numbered, named and described in a list. Not only was this method a way to archive the local materials used by the artist, each piece of material represented a different part of Egypt, so as to give the viewer a sense of the place as a whole. With a clear description behind every piece of “mosaic” selected and used in the artistic composition, the idea was to place a bit of Egypt in the artistic composition, almost as if to transport you to the place yourself.

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