Maher Dawoud, is an Egyptian artist, born and raised in Cairo Egypt in 1983. An artist since childhood, Maher always believed in the power of visual impressions to deliver his ideas. 

In 2005, he received his BFA from the Mural Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Zamalek. It was during his final two years as a student that he began experimenting with different materials than paint all the while searching for a more interesting surface to touch and feel. At the young age of 26, and after teaching at the Mural Department of the university for a few years, he acquired his MFA from the same university under the thesis title “The Artistic Values of the Linear Composition in German Colored Glass”. All the while teaching and experimenting with glass and mosaics, he obtained his PhD in 2013 from the same faculty under the thesis title “The Employment of Mosaics in Installation Art (analytical and comparative study)”.

Maher was recently nominated to represent Egypt at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in May 2015. The project he designed with 2 other Egyptian colleagues named “CAN YOU SEE?” was a large mosaic construction of the word PEACE. During the opening week of the biennale, the Egyptian pavilion was widely popular and successfully attracted many visitors to it.
2015-2017 Dawoud works as a Curator of Al-Ahram Association, Acquisition and Exhibition Department.  He was overseeing the restoration and documentation of the foundation of historical art collection,Managing and organizing Al-Ahram Art Gallery. 


Expressing myself with words was never my strength; I always believed in the power of visual impressions to deliver my ideas. During my final two years as a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, I suddenly felt trapped in the flatness of painting. Trying to escape that feeling, I first began experimenting with textured colors using a palette knife, gradually moving on to collage. I experimented with different materials, all the while searching for a more interesting surface to touch and feel.

When I discovered mosaic tesserae, my senses were enchanted. I was able to touch the details with my fingers. I no longer needed a pallet knife or a brush stroke to express myself and I began a new journey of artistic discovery. It set my mind and senses free to reconstruct something new, and to break and rearrange its parts as quick as the ideas that jumped to my head. Using mosaic tesserae in my artwork awoke the child spirit in me and gave me a playful sense of joy. 

In my earlier years of experimentation with mosaics, I mainly focused on abstract works of small sizes using colored glass, ceramic, pottery and marble pieces. Later on, a new evolutionary period in my practice began. I randomly collected primitive, natural materials I found in my path: shells from the beach, small pieces of wood, stones and metal, ancient Egyptian symbols of baboons and scarabs as well as fractured plates and mugs. Even though I had no idea what I would do with them at first, I was sure I would find a place for them in this world. With these interesting pieces of tesserae in mind, I moved on to create larger pieces of artwork that helped me to express my feelings faster, as if creating preliminary sketches, an expression of the ideas and thoughts that spontaneously came to my mind. 

My artwork is experimental – it is mainly divided into projects, every project comes after some researches and in-depth examination of the subject matter giving each project its own concept, character, technique and materials. The interaction between the project, the viewer and myself become a priority when creating my installations in order to give the work a living spirit. I’m also working on experimenting with video art, painting and sculpture, exploring projects that could express aspects of my mosaic work through movement and sound through visual solutions and language. 

2022 - write and tell Exhibition- IFAO- Institut Francais- Cairo- Egypt.
2022 - Different Space- collective exhibition- Yassin Gallery- Cairo- Egypt.
2022 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina Tenth International Biennale for Artist’s Book.
2021 - Nuba Painting Symposium, Ministry of Culture,  Aswan,  Egypt.
2020 - Eternal Light 2 Exhibition, The Factory, TownHouse Gallery,  Art D’Egypte-Cairo, Egypt.
2019 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gallery Ward, Gouna, Egypt
2018 - International Painting Symposium, World Federation for UNESCO - Cairo, Egypt 
2018 - "Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms" exhibition - Art D'Égypte - Manial Palace - cairo, Egypt
2018 - "Mosaic as a Contemporary Art", La Maison de la Mosaique cantemporaine,  Paray le Monial , France
2018 - Private Collection at the Accademia D’Egitto - Rome, Italy
2018 - Private Collection at Al-Ahram Association - Cairo, Egypt
2017 - Vivere nelt Arte, Accademia D’Egitto, Rome, Italy
2017 - The Fifth Upper Egypt Salon - Luxor, Egypt
2016 - The Mosaic in the Contemporaneity, the 15th Conference and Exhibition, AIMC, Spilimbergo, Italy 
2016 - The Philosopher's Stone, B. Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2016 - Breakfast in Beirut art festival, Made in Gallery, Venice, Italy 
2016 - Mosaic Exhibition, Lamasatt Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2016 - 2nd International Conference, Fine Arts and Community Service, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Luxor, Egypt 
2015 - The inauguration exhibition, Made in Gallery, Venice, Italy 
2015 - Ravenna Mosaico, Fourth International Contemporary Mosaic Festival Biennale, Ravenna, Italy
2015 - Old Days Exhibition, Prince Taz palace gallery, old Cairo, Egypt 
2015 - Fifth Contemporary Art Show, CA' DEL CARRARESI - Treviso, Italy 
2015 - The Second Mosaic Forum Exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Alexandria, Egypt
2015 - The 56th International Art Exhibition, Egyptian Pavilion, Venice Biennale – Venice, Italy
2015 - North-South Project, Exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, European Union – Alexandria, Egypt 
2015 - Mosaic Arts International, SAMA Exhibition - Philadelphia, USA
2015 - The Third Upper Egypt Salon - Luxor, Egypt 
2015 - The Fine Art Professors Exhibition, The National Council For Culture, Art and Letters, Kuwait 
2015 - Musiwa International Art and Contemporary Mosaic Exhibition - Florence, Italy 
2015 - Depression and Cancer cells, workshop, private studio- Cairo, Egypt 
2015 - MAANZ Symposium, Speaker - Sydney, Australia 
2014 - Musiwa International Art and Contemporary Mosaic Exhibition - Florence, Italy
2014 - Private Collection at the Fine Art Museum - Cairo, Egypt
2014 - 10° Rencontres Internationales de Mosaïques, Prix Picassiette - Chartres, France
2014 - The City - BAMM - Miniatures Exhibition - London, UK 
2014 - The National Exhibition - Cairo Opera House - Cairo, Egypt 
2014 - Mosaic as a contemporary art Exhibition at the Glass Museum - Weigelsdorf, Austria 
2014 -Egypt, the cradle of art,  IMAGO MUNDI ART Project – Rome, Italy
2013 - International Painting Symposium ,World Federation for UNESCO , Culture of Cosmos - Patras, Greece 
2013 - The Exhibition of the Arabian Colleges of Fine Arts Society Conference - Cairo, Egypt 
2009/2010 - First and Second Future Youth Fine Arts Exhibition for World Peace, Heliopolis Public Library - Cairo, Egypt 
2009 - Silver Jubilee Exhibition, Minia University - Minia, Egypt
2006/2007/2008 - Group Exhibitions at the Fine Arts Faculty Gallery - Cairo, Egypt
2004/2005 - Ministry of Culture Exhibition - Cairo, Egypt 
2003/2004 - The Annual Saloon of Small Art Works, Centre of Art - Cairo, Egypt 
Solo Exhibitions 
2017 - Rebith of the Rebirth, Fine Arts School Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2016 - visual text, Fine Arts School Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2015 - White Headache, Ragheb Ayad Gallery, Gezira Art Centre, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt 
2015 - Desert and Fireworks, Fine Arts School Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2013 - Contemporary Vision for Egyptian Symbols, Fine Arts School Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2009 - Please touché, Fine Arts School Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2014 - Maher Dawoud, “The Utilisation of Contemporary Mosaics in Installation Art", XIV AIMC World Conference and Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaic, Vienna,  Austria.
2015 - Maher Dawoud, “The Relationship between Human Visual Environment through Architecture and Mosaics Treatments", 1st International Conference, Luxor, Egypt.
2016 - Maher Dawoud, “Contemporary painting between cultural concepts and themes Time", 2nd International Conference, Luxor, Egypt.
2017 - Maher Dawoud, “Green Roofs in Different Presence", University of Palermo, PA, Italy.
2018 - Maher Dawoud, “The Correlation between Art and Architecture to promote the Social Interaction in Public Space", Taylor & Francis, ISBN:9781138054097, London, England.

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