I was experimenting with two of my students (Maggy Maged and Christine Zarif) a visual mosaic project in a workshop under the title of (Depression and Cancer cells). I got this idea after reading some of latest academic articles which I found in some scientific journals.
The fact that sugar is one of the most dangerous materials that activates cancer cells inspired me as an artist. And, one of the topics that I read about and inspired me as well was about depression and its treatments.

In this workshop I preferred hyper realism sculpting depending totally on our own mosaic materials which we created ourself, especially for this project. we made it from sugar, salt, epocsy , nails , cement and silicon. we used these materials instead of usual materials like marble, ceramics, smalti, etc. we have chosen each material for a reason, either a visual or a conceptual one, which aims to transform these researches into a touchable and visual art pieces.

I am happy because this mosaics was the result of the workshop, and my students exhibited their work at 1st Edition of the International Competition PREMIO AIMC STUDENTI (PAS) in Italy !

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