Alongside the River of the Nile, connecting two great continents, a civilization was born to shine through the change of history. Different eras had past but the culture of Egypt remained through its people and their heritage.
Before the time of skyscrapers, buildings were a sign of civilization, Coliseum of Rome, Pyramids of Giza, and Taj-Mahal of Agra. A heritage that stood for years narrating people’s legacy. Nations respected the buildings, and the people who built them.
Concept; through the days of history, people believed; “the greater the building, the greater the men who built them”. This is obvious in the nostalgia we feel in Cairo, where the beauty of architect is seen down town.
These pieces of art were built by a state-men who had their time of glory. A Pasha, a Khedewevi, a Sultan, or a King, they had many things in common; Power, Wealth, and a Moustache which was a highly respected feature in their days.
The proposed installation, addresses our feelings for these old buildings, and the era of their makers. Represented by an old building, and a big moustache made of glass that is hard to bend. Yet, so fragile and could be broken if once over thrown.
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