The columns order which are known as Roman orders still considered as a kind of architectural grammar. In all respects, no one can deny that the secret of its graceful proportion, shape and decoration depends on the paradise of ART.
Since the ancient ages to the classical Greek and Roman and then by now, the correlation between ART and ARCHITECTURE is deemed as an inseparable symbiotic relationship. Moreover, it is the mystery behind the golden age of the Renaissance. Simply, the major patrons of art in roman cities during the Renaissance had dedicated all their wealth to commission the leading artists/architects of the day to build and decorate their cathedrals, chapels and palaces.
From this point of view, we are inspired for our exhibition by the meaning of the Renaissance, which is the Rebirth, regarded as the cultural bridge between the middle age and modern history. In order to, highlight our vision of the great architecture is most probably connected by detailed ART, Contemporary VISUAL ART seems to be little without the context of ARCHITECTURE that surrounded by.
Collaboration Research: Ebtesam M. Elgizawy, PhD (Architecture Dept.)
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